Mobile Friendly    -    Currently, the website is not designed for mobile devices.   It will work, but the drop downs are very small on phones.  So, it is what's called "mobile-unfriendly".  Plans are in motion to make it easier for mobile devices because it's very likely that most views of this site may be while someone is on their way to the river or even on the river (if they have cell coverage there).
River Requests    -    If you have a river you'd like to have added to the website, please find the river listed on NOAAs website and then e-mail me the river (if you provide the NOAA url, that would help even more so), and which guage to track, as some rivers have more than one monitoring station. 

Keep in mind that from the day the river is added, it will start collecting measurement data from that moment, so it may take some time to get a good view of the rivers trend.

mailto: webmaster